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Are Chimneys Inspected When Buying or Selling a Property?

What Are the Different Kinds of Property Inspection for Chimneys?

A property inspection performed on a chimney is a procedure, in which a professional will examine a chimney for any safety concerns. Chimney inspections will include identifying any violations of building codes in addition to recommendations for improvements which do not have to be done but are highly recommended. It is wise to have chimneys checked annually, and inspections are usually asked for when a house is about to change ownership.

At Duval Home Inspections Inc, we strive to achieve complete versatility to be able to cater to individual needs.In the U.S., the National Fire Protection Association has clear rules for chimney inspections, which are made to remove any ambiguities from inspections. When performing a level 1 inspection, an inspector will inspect all areas of a chimney which are easily accessible; this means no doors or coverings have to be removed, and the accessible parts of an appliance connected to the chimney, in addition to the chimney connection, will also be inspected. The NFPA states that accessible means basic tools are to be used to open doors, flaps, and any other coverings due for inspection.

A level 2 inspection is more precise. These are are required for property transfers and to ensure a chimney safe to use after an accident happens or if work is getting done to the chimney. In this kind of property inspection, the expert will check everything which can be inspected without any damage being done or changing the chimney connection or appliance. Should something be of concern, this will be discovered during a level 2 inspection, and the expert may even recommend a level 3 inspection to be performed.

With a level 3 inspection, parts of the chimney could be removed for closer inspection, and this will change the appearance of a chimney. After a level 3 inspection, it may be necessary to make good the areas of a chimney which were taken apart for examination. This type of inspection happens when a chimney has to be replaced or repaired.

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