Get prepared for a Professional Inspector.

If you’re planning to purchase a property it is your responsibility to be an informed buyer. So if you’ve already chosen the house or apartment you want to make your home, you’d better hire a skilled home inspector to make sure that you’ll be fully satisfied with what you buy. It is best to hire an independent home inspector rather than a company recommended by the real estate agency you’re buying the property from. Such home inspection will eventually guarantee you a more impartial evaluation. You really have to be careful at this stage, because if you finish the deal and buy a property that has some drawbacks the real estate won’t pay you for the repairs of the damages or buy the house or apartment back from you.

Home inspections aren’t as time consuming and hard to book as you may think. All you’ve to do in most cases is just pick up the phone and call a few local home inspectors to collect quotes. Then you’ve to choose the best inspection plan offered and call back to confirm an appointment. It is as easy as that!

House Inspector

Home inspections may be quite different in different states. As Duval Home inspection Inc. is located and operating in Jacksonville, FL we would like to outline some of the major points that home inspection reports in Florida usually cover. Here is the main checklist of the most contractors:

1) Checking the condition of the roof and attic of the building –
Includes: checking the roofing certification(if any), the installation quality guarantee that the builders company had provided, Checking the state of the shingles and gutters, the framing and the ventilation system, as well as the general condition of the type of roof construction. If any of these needs cleaning, repairs or replacement the property owner should take care of it before closing the deal.

2) Checking of the plumbing and electrical system –
Includes: inspecting the materials the plumbing system is made of and their condition. As well as checking the overall state of the sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers and traps. Most of the companies, however, don’t perform a sewer inspection.

As for the electrical system – home inspectors usually check the condition of the light fixtures, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, main panel and circuit breakers. They will also check if the property is grounded.

3) Evaluation the exterior of the building as well as the yard and the general landscape of the property –
Includes: The driveways, sidewalks, greenery, sprinkler systems, fences, decorations, the doors and windows, the landscaping, the wall covering and many more.

4) Garage check up –
Includes: Inspection of the slab, ceiling, walls, the ventilation system (if any), the garage door and its openers system, lights, receptacles, the windows and roof of the garage plus its external condition.

5) Check up of the appliances
Includes an inspection of the common kitchen appliances like the range-hood, dishwasher, built in ovens and microwave ovens, along with the garbage disposal systems and smoke detectors.

In addition to all this, reputed companies like Duval Home inspection Inc. send home inspectors who are also able to inspect AC and heating installations, fireplaces and chimneys, as well as duct work.

As you can see for yourself, being a home inspector is not an easy task, so don’t try to do it yourself when you’re about to buy a new home. A professional hand is always helpful when you’re making such an important decision as moving into a new place.

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