Not Sure If You Should DIY or Call in an Expert?

What to Expect from a Mold Real Estate Inspection

A real estate inspection for mold can be done using either the DIY way or via a professional real estate inspection service.

A basic pre-purchased home inspection does not always show up mold problems. Several real estate experts advise a separate inspection for mold before purchasing a property. Real estate law does vary from state to state; however, not every state requires a seller to disclose any mold issues. Plus, most homeowners’ insurance plans only provide very limited coverage regarding damage caused by mold.

A professional real estate inspection is not too expensive and provides you with much more access to a thorough inspection, which you could not do yourself. A professional inspector uses thermal imaging devices to detect moisture, which you would see visually. The expert will include also a complete leak detection, air quality and moisture analysis, humidity testing, and drainage inspection. Some use fibre-optic cameras to check the inside of wall cavities.

It’s normal to see a small amount of mold within a bathroom, and this can be spotted and kept at bay by cleaning with bleach and water. More entrenched mold could call for an EPA registered fungicide solution. Plus, you have to take steps to ensure the mold will not return; this is done by getting rid of the source of the moisture which allowed mold to grow in the first place. Mold will return if there are continuing water issues, like siding leaks, damaged water lines, or damage done by a severe storm.

Mold could also happen should water seep through via foundations or concrete floors, or should part of the property have regular high humidity. Mold enters a home on the back of pets, or on the bottoms of shoes.

The Asian custom of taking off your shoes before going into a person’s home is extremely useful with preventing the invasion of mold and other unsavory elements.

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