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What Is Included in a Home Inspection Check List?

A home inspection checklist is a vital document which every homeowner should keep and read carefully to consider the information on it. After all, these forms are meant to be thorough, the problems could be small and simple to fix, or they could be expensive to warrant buying the property. The information an inspector places on a checklist is invaluable due to the fact it is an expert inspection report. A check list needs to include all parts of the house, from top to bottom, and inside and out. Not only this, the list has to cover the grounds also, in addition to any exterior buildings, driveways or decks found on the property.

Home inspection services

Garages, sheds, and any exterior buildings must be included in a home inspection, in addition to porches, balconies and entranceway’s. The inspector reports on the structural integrity of these features on the checklist. The condition of the area should also be listed on a home inspection checklist, with the inspector’s notes on the drainage on the property, like it is far enough away from the house. Any wells and water lines should also be inspected.

Exterior parts of the property should also be included in the checklist. The condition of the roof is an extremely important part too, if it needs replacing, this would mean a huge expense for the prospective buyer. The inspector needs to comment on the state of the guttering and chimney. Whether the property comes with siding or stucco, the condition of the exterior walls and trim is also included in a home checklist.

The inside sections and numerous systems of a house have to be included in the inspection form. These systems are such things as heating, electrical, plumbing, and air conditioning. The attic and the basement have to be inspected too. The quality of the attic insulation should also be noted, in addition to the condition of the basement. Any moisture issues and if the basement is finished, partially or not, need to be noted also.

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