How to Prepare Your House for a Home Inspection

Make It an Inspection-Ready House

During the home inspection, the seller is typically not present even if requested by the buyer. You need not be there for the inspection, but there are some preparations you can make.

Test the drains. Make sure all sink and tub drains are free of clogs before the inspection so that they won’t be a deal breaker for potential buyers. If the drains are clogged or running slowly, you may wish to clear them with a snake or other method before the inspector arrives.

Replace light bulbs. The inspector may suspect a problem with the electrical system if the lights aren’t functioning properly.

Test smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Unreliable smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors raise safety concerns during an assessment. Replace dead batteries in smoke detectors and smoke alarms, and make sure they all work.

Prune trees and shrubs. Remove plants and tree limbs from the roof. Before the inspection, clean up the landscape to prevent falling branches and rats. Pruning the house’s trees and bushes can boost its curb appeal and attract buyers.

Remove pets from the property. If you are still living in the home, remove everyone, including your pets, before the inspector arrives.

Clear clutter. If you still have objects inside, remove or rearrange them before the inspector arrives. The inspector can only look in apparent places and can’t touch your belongings. Boxes blocking the circuit panel or HVAC system may prevent a comprehensive inspection.

Keep everything on. Even if no one is home, leave the lights and electronics on and plugged in. If the refrigerator, for example, has been disconnected for a few weeks, the inspector won’t be able to confirm that it works.

Replace air filters in HVAC. When the HVAC system’s air filters are changed before an inspection, the system performs at peak efficiency.

Organize repair and maintenance receipts. If you don’t submit invoices or maintenance records, the inspector or buyer may guess about the home’s age or condition. Give the buyer and inspector maintenance receipts to avoid this.

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