What to Expect During a Real Estate Inspection?

Know the Details First

Before a homeowner plans to sell their house, it needs to go through a real estate inspection. However, do you know what a thorough inspection entails? What are the reports for a good or bad inspection report? What should you do and where should you start if you have inspection requests? Check out these tips from a professional home inspector below on the services they provide.

What does a home inspection include?

The home inspection will cover all the major systems of your home and assess their overall condition. Different states have different inspection guidelines and procedures that must be met. They may also have inspection standards that vary depending on the property type. For example, a home inspection will include a walk-through of the property and an inspection of systems, HVAC, mechanical systems, and electrical systems. In addition, the inspector will check for signs of water damage, structural problems, and pest activity.

Who conducts the inspection?

This usually falls to a licensed and experienced home inspector. Home inspectors are required to follow certain guidelines when conducting a home inspection. The inspector must stay neutral and unbiased, keep the inspection professional and confidential, and stay within the guidelines of the state.

What should I ask during the inspection?

When you are inspecting a property, it is important to ask questions. Ask for clarification when necessary and make sure to ask the proper questions. You should ask if you want the inspector to explain anything that they find. In addition, you want the inspector to check your house again if there are things you want them to take a second look at. You should also ask how they want the inspection to be done, and how long the inspection will take.

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